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Learning a sport could improve your life!   By knowing sports you can have more success at your job, make yourself more attractive to  eligible suitors  and improve your family life?  Would you be interested in investing just 30 minutes or less to learn a sport?!  I thought you might!

Why knowing sports works....

Sports are universal.  Sports are loved all over the world by people of every culture, class, race, religion, gender,  age , etc.  By knowing sports you can connect with people instantly all over the world for business, friendship or romance simply by sharing a love of sports!

Football Basix  - Video One

This introductory video teaches the strategy of the game,

the field, scoring and key players. - HALF PRICE $9.99

Football Basix  - Video Two

This introductory video covers turn-overs, officials, common fouls and penalties. - HALF PRICE - $9.99

Football Basix  - Combo Pack

Receive both Football Basix Videos 1 & 2 and receive a discount!- HALF PRICE - $15.99

Actual testimonial ...

"I just watched the first Sports Basix football video and I LOVE IT!!!  Though I have watched a lot of football games and kind of understood it a little bit, it made such a difference having you explain it in such a logical manner!! I have bought the 2nd video and am very eager to watch that one also!!! I am so glad that I bought it!!!  

- Carol Codekas Clarke


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